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Safety Officer Skill Training Course 2-3 days ( 12 -18 hours)

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HS13-Safety Officer Skill Training Course 2-3 days ( 12 -18 hours)

Safety Officer Skill Training Course 2-3 days ( 12 -18 hours)

This course prepares any individual wanting to pursue or shift to another career in EHS in the field of manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, petro-chemicals, logistics, airline industry etc.

The course gives a general overview of what do Safety Officers do in their chosen field of work. Also this course is a very good backbone for those wanting to take Safety Professional Certifications like OSHA, IOSH and NEBOSH.

This programme is designed for those who want to have a working background and develop soft and technical skills as a Safety Officer or Safety Inspector.

Skilled Laborers/ Engineers who want certifications/ Nurses/ graduates of non-engineering courses/ or any one searching for better career opportunities or professional development.

  • how to be a safety officer/what is/who is a safety officer
  • making a workplace risk assessment and environment impact mitigation
  • making job-hazard analysis
  • preparing legal documentation
  • making safety audits and inspection
  • emergency preparedness planning
  • making inspection and audit reports
  • preparing toolbox meetings
  • preparing for internal and external (3rd party) audits
  • 365 days of health and safety

  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of the employee-employer that each must perform to achieve a safe, quality and efficient operation.
  • To coordinate activities of contractor, sub-contractors, visitors and clients working in any given organization.
  • To be able to identify hazards and mitigate or suggest solutions for risk management to lessen if not to totally eliminate or prevent incident and accidents.

  • Two to Three Days

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