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People of Determination Driving Course

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People of Determination Driving Course

Driving and Vocational Training Institute in UAE since 2007

Civil Vocational Training Institutes / Civil Driving Institute (Civil Institutes) celebrates 9 years of successfully learner & advanced driver training and driver road risk reduction in the UAE and the greater GCC region.

People of Determination Driving

Driving Courses | How to get Light Motor Vehicle driving license

We provide a customized driving course for the People of Determination by using adapted vehicles with hand controls for waist and below disability. The process is mentioned below:

Step 1. A medical report from the concerned Govt. Hospital or Physical, Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) department at the Rashid Hospital Dubai or from any must be submitted. Please contact the reception of PMR department to get the report. The medical report will be issued after conducting the assessment with a prior appointment.

Step 2. Please send the medical report to the Civil Driving Institute dedicated manager to apply for the Traffic Dept. approval letter. The medical report can be sent via email at The CDI manager will notify for the registration once the traffic dept. approval is received.

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Exempted countries are:
GCC Countries: Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar

European Countries: Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherland, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Luxemberg, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Serbia, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary.

North American Countries: Canada (only Quebec province), USA

East Asian Countries: South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, China

African Countries: South Africa

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