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SD003 – Team Building 1 & 2 days

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SD003 – Team Building 1 & 2 days

Team Building 1 & 2 days

This Team Building/Developing Your Team training course is delivered by Malcolm Cullen & Associates. Working with a team is always a challenge and needs to be approached with honesty and tactfulness. To be successful we need to know ourselves and the individual team member’s strengths and weaknesses and build on their strengths and cover for their weaknesses. However, Malcolm Cullen & Associates need to take seriously ‘Life is a puzzle. Never waste time trying to place people where they do not fit’. Malcolm Cullen & Associates will help you build your team or organization through the managing of expectations, setting goals, the establishment of boundaries, roles and responsibility, etc. etc. There are multiple ways to work with teams and there is not one size fits all. An in-depth discussion will help both of you to find something that will best suit the needs and goals of your team or organization. NOTE

This course will be delivered on the telephone for efficiency, effectiveness and cost considerations. Malcolm Cullen & Associates may go to client's offices if they want to meet, but most clients are comfortable from the first phone discussion.

Who should attend?
This Team Building/Developing Your Team training course is best suited for any individual, team, group, or organization seeking the building and development of their team or organization. Please inquire for further information regarding the suitability of this training course.

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