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SD004 – Complain & Problem Solving Skills 1 & 2 days

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SD004 – Complain & Problem Solving Skills 1 & 2 days

Complain & Problem Solving Skills 1 & 2 days

This Civil Institute Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills training course will focus on the best practice methods in describing, analyzing and solving any problem, incident, issue or complaint from a daily practice – technical or non-technical. This highly interactive Civil Driving Institute training course will also help the delegates provide recommendations or make decisions, with the highest quality and maximum acceptance. It will help you guarantee flawless execution of actions, regardless if it is a single activity or a complex project.

The world around us is getting more and more complex than ever and so does our daily engineering & maintenance work. Every day we are confronted with a wide variety of problems and decisions that require a rational response. Skills for complex problem solving, decision making and risk analysis are therefore key to remain successful.

Applying a structured approach to problem solving and decision making enables you to choose and implement the best solutions for your problems and improve the quality of your decision making process that will mitigate your risks and save time and money significantly.

  • The increasing relevance of problem solving and decision making methods in general as well as in asset management
  • Classic issues and pitfalls in problem solving and decision making
  • A generic approach for every issue to solve and decision to make
  • Rational and creative methods to support this approach: Event Mapping, Problem Analysis, Human Factor Analysis, Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Effective application and implementation of these methods in daily practice By the end of this Civil Institute training course
  • Understand the increasing necessity of using sound methods for problem solving and decision making
  • Involve the right people in the right way in any analysis
  • Solve and prevent issues and problems more rapidly and effectively
  • Make better decisions and recommendations
  • Communicate and present analysis, solutions and recommendations with maximum understanding and acceptance
  • Apply and implement the methods learned in daily practice immediately after the training

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