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SD005 – Time Management 1 & 2 days

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SD005 – Time Management 1 & 2 days

Time Management 1 & 2 days

The purpose of time management training course is to achieve a higher level of productivity. As you improve your time management skills, you will make more progress in less time.

Effective Time management means: operate according to your plan, not your mood. Some people delay doing the tasks they don’t feel like doing: That means they procrastinate. We must avoid procrastination. Procrastination is how NOT to manage your time.

Good time management implies Prioritization. You must priorities your working day, because you cannot do everything at the same time.

Many people do not priorities their work well. So, they do any random task at hand. This is not good time management. Personal effectiveness implies working is a logical order.

This Time management course includes information of proper Planning. Many people do not plan ahead sufficiently.

A lack of planning results in higher stress levels: a feeling that there are never enough hours in the day.

Poor time management skills lead to “firefighting”, which means dealing with problems as they arise rather than strategically planning to avoid them.

Some people have following bad time management habits: Procrastination. Too easily distracted. They take on too much work, (They can’t say No). Poor memory. They are disorganized or Lazy.

Effective time management is about eliminating the above list of bad habits and replacing them with good time management techniques: Prioritization. Planning. Preparation, Prevention. Organization. Delegation. Memory. Recuperation. Energy.

This time management skills training course will help you to get more from each day, by managing three aspects of your work environment: We call these elements, SOS Time stealers.

  • SELF - How you can improve yourself, and your own time management habits?
  • OTHERS - How you can stop others from wasting your time?
  • SYSTEMS- Which are your worst systems that waste your time?
You will love this Time management and personal effectiveness course which is designed to provide the time management tools, techniques, information, skills and knowledge you need to radically improve the quality of your working day. Please read the full course description of the time management techniques, and then reserve your place on this informative time management skills course, today.

  • Get the most value from every hour at work
  • Get more hours in the day
  • Work to tight deadlines
  • Work intelligently in a sometimes chaotic environment
  • Work with people who sometimes occupy your time without adding value to your day.
  • Find yourself having a “busy but non-productive day”.
  • Find yourself being too easily distracted by non-important things - time stealers
  • If you have trouble with the sheer volume of work that you have to do.
  • If you have a boss that interferes too much with your day.
  • If you tend to spread yourself too thinly across too many tasks simultaneously, and therefore make little progress on them, instead of remaining more focused on a restricted number of high value tasks and making good progress on the most important things.
  • If you have a boss that interferes too much with your day.

You would definitely benefit from attending this effective time management course, if any, or all, of these statements apply to you.

Benefits of this time/emotional management course

  • More productive but less busy
  • More organised
  • Less stressed
  • More motivated

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